float room designArchitects note: The Apollo tank can fit through any standard doorway but there has to be an adequate approach to the doorway. Apollo Float Tanks can liaise with architects on float room design. The following components form an ideal floatation environment for the client and the operator 

  • Tank Area. The Apollo tank needs to have an area of 3 meters x 2 meters (10 feet x 6½ feet)
  • The Apollo footprint is 2650L x 1750W x 1250H. Preferably there should be a clearance of approx. 500mm around the float tank.
  • The Apollo tank is 2300L x 1400W x 1250H. 
  • Room Area. The room area should be at least 3 meters x  3 meters (10 feet x 10 feet).
  • Non Slip Flooring. Vinyl is preferred.
  • Shower in the float room
  • In-line fan for the shower
  • Non-rusting fittings including door hinges
  • Twin power point for the float tank and heater (quiet, convective or oil filled)
  • Sound proofing around the float room and the door. Well insulated walls and ceilings.
  • The Apollo draws less than 4 amps of current at its maximum power usage
  • Door lock with operator access
  • Non central heating. The room should be at a preferred temperature of  27-28º C (81-82º F) whilst people are floating.
  • Soft Lighting

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